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Senior Leaders Summit


Helping Boardrooms & Senior Leaders

Navigate Communication Around

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that the world of work should include everybody, and ensuring that it does is the responsibility of business leaders.  


Most of us as some point in our lives have been, or felt, excluded.  From that feeling of exclusion comes our ability to empathise, to draw upon those lived experiences to ensure that others do not feel excluded because of our actions or words. 


As Leaders, we often find ourselves in the spotlight. People look up to us and expect us to act in a way that is inclusive. But how do we do that if we are paralysed with fear? Fear of saying the wrong thing. 

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Summit  Content

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Jan Bagley

Keynote One

What Makes Me, 'Me'... & where do i fit into the human ecosystem of life?

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Denise Hampson

Keynote Two

If diversity is so good for society how & why have we gone so wrong?

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Katie Neeves

Keynote Three

My Long Journey to Womanhood

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Keynote Four

Are You a Disruptor for Good?

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