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We believe that the world of work should include everybody, and ensuring that it does is everyone's responsibility but especially our business leaders.  

At Human, we believe in the power of bringing people together and creating change. We strive to facilitate Big Bold Conversations that help create a world where everyone can be seen, heard and valued. Join us and be part of the movement for a more inclusive future.


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Our organisation wants help navigating the ED&I journey

At human., we believe that ED&I should be at the heart of every business. We are a different type of consultancy that focuses on helping organisations recognise, embrace and value the diversity of their people. In collaboration with specialist ED&I Partners we help organisations like yours to begin their inclusion journey or strengthen their programme to create impact. We cater to the unique needs of each of our clients, and our goal is to help you create a workplace that is inclusive, safe and equitable for all where the impact of your efforts is felt where it is directed.

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I want to understand more about ED&I and be a better ally

At human., we provide ED&I services which help leaders, managers and teams to navigate the ever-changing landscape of ED&I issues. Our network of experienced professionals, influencers and coaches is dedicated to helping you develop the skills you need to lead with confidence and stand up for what is right. Our comprehensive approach to ED&I will help you understand the necessary tools and strategies to confidently lead  initiatives in your organisation and in society as a whole.

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I'm an ED&I service provider & would like to explore Partnership 

We believe that ED&I education and services are always best delivered by those with direct lived experience - and that programmes should ultimately create impact where it is intended. Unlike many consultancies we don't 'educate' for educations-sake, just so organisations can tick boxes. Compliance is important but impact is equally so.  If you feel the same then collaborating with other like minded partners via our platform strengthens what we offer - and we can work together to change the world of work to be inclusive for all.   


Helping Organisations to Navigate Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

human. provides various informal educational sessions hosted by our partners covering a range of topics which are constantly being added to and updated. Our mission is to provide a safe space for learning and growth while helping individuals become allies and advocates for ED&I. Join us to get the knowledge and tools you need to start your own personal journey to understanding inclusion, and build a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

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