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Michelle Minnikin

Founder & Captain of Culture

Work Pirates

After a corporate career in organisational psychology, recruitment, coaching and personal development, Michelle left to work for herself in 2016 after completely burning out. Since then, she has founded multiple businesses. She discovered in 2020 that she’s neurodivergent (she thought she was just weird!) and has since been on a journey of self-compassion and acceptance.


As the Culture Captain of Work Pirates, Michelle loves helping people to tame their self-doubt and grow their curiosity and courage to live a more authentic life. Her current passion is helping women overcome their ‘good girl conditioning’ so they can shake off the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ and trust themselves to know what is right for them. She’s writing a book on the topic.


She also helps organisations get ‘ship shape’, supporting with attracting, selecting, hiring and developing the right crew for them.  

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