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Nathan Smith

Wealth Management Consultant at Mattioli Woods

Nathan joined Mattioli Woods in 2012 straight from college where he was fortunate enough to have met Ian Mattioli. He was a student governor of the college when Ian was a governor.

Starting with the company in a support role, he worked his way up to the position of Senior Client Relationship Manager gaining valuable experience through working in various teams specialising in pensions, financial planning, property, and various investment transactions. Throughout this journey, he realised the value of authentic financial advice and being able to empathise and support their clients through the various stages of their lives.

"Helping others with their financial needs, regardless of their knowledge and experiences, is incredibly important to me. I am able to help them create a strategy that sets them on the right path to achieving their financial goals. That support will then continue and extend to their family providing peace of mind and comfort. Having a strategy in place has certainly benefitted some of my clients in helping with their mental health too.  Supporting people who perhaps put pensions, investments, inheritance tax planning etc. in the ‘too hard’ basket is what I do best."

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