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10,000 Able Interns - What You Need to Know.

Anna was delighted to meet with Sami Dar Co-Founder of 10,000 Able Interns this week, to hear more about how organisations are embracing disabled interns across the UK.

The 10,000 Able Interns Programme was launched in 2022 following the success of the 10,000 Black Interns programme to address the underrepresentation of disabled talent within UK industries. Starting with a pilot cycle of 100 internships in 2022/23, the 10KAI programme has now expanded to provide 500 internship opportunities for the 2023/24 cycle.

If we are going to change the world of work for the better - everyone needs to be included. We believe that the next generation of workers will achieve more than us. Young People are the leaders of tomorrow, and hopefully they will be leading organisations where we no longer have to keep talking about 'diversity' and 'inclusion'! 🙃

You can download the information deck for the Programme here

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